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KeyDragon is hard at work on their 10th CD.  The Dragon mythology continues to expand.  Also, many songs of a different nature are present as well.

If you haven't seen the new video, "No Where Fun" then you're missing on on a great video from the latest album.

Please check out the 9th CD from KeyDragon entitled Destiny Chaos.  It has taken almost 4 years to complete this album and many long, hard hours of work were put in by all of the band members.

Destiny Chaos contains 13 tracks and has been mastered, replicated and printed by Disc Makers, USA.  It became available on August 31st, 2014.

You can find KeyDragon just about everywhere on the internet.  Type the word “keydragon” into any search engine and you will get page after page of links to KeyDragon.  If you’re interested in buying a CD from KeyDragon, you can get it on www.cdbaby.com/all/keydragon or you can go to Amazon.com and buy it from them.  There are many other ways to buy a KeyDragon album.  Look for KeyDragon at one of your favorite online retailers, visit them at www.myspace.com/keydragon and buy a couple of songs through their online store front or go check them out at www.numberonemusic.com/keydragon and download a couple of songs for free!  Make sure to vote for KeyDragon at Number One Music.  If you look on the Goth charts for all time rankings, KeyDragon is #1 and has been for over 7 years!



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Destiny Chaos

It was long ago that the KeyDragon first began his journey through the murky waters of music. At an early age, he began his musical career with the intense study of classical piano. After many years and many classical teachers, the KeyDragon (Ron Langford) moved on into his true path of creating Dragon Metal music. In 1985, Ron had several bands with friends. He was also able to join The Music Explorers, a group formed through Foggy Mountain Musin in downtown Grass Valley, California. Mary Ellen, owner of Foggy, opened up her store after hours to let a bunch of us budding musicians form groups and experiment with musical equipment of all kinds. Many thanks to Mary Ellen and Foggy Mountain Music for the unforgettable and amazing experience. It was a great honor to be able to form a band with my brother Dave Langford and some of our musical friends. That's the kicker really. That's what spurred many of us on to Persue musical adventures and partnerships. In 1986 and again in 1994, the KeyDragon formed an all original band dominated by synthesizers and bass. Ninth Wave had several band member configurations. The original Ninth Wave had all music written and composed by Ron. In 1990, he formed Body Pyle. This was a synth pop band with a female singer and a heavy metal guitarist. We were based out of San Francisco. We lost our singer and gained a live drummer, moved to Missouri, and began Aftershock in 1991. Aftershock fell apart and the KeyDragon moved more towards the Death Metal scene. With a keyboard in one hand and a mic in the other, he joined Juggernaut. That band quickly evolved into the Death Metal band - Execution - which played all around Missouri until about 1993. In 1994, KeyDragon moved back to California and reformed Ninth Wave, still a synth pop band. That lasted for a couple of years but was disbanded when the lead singer was unable to allow anyone else in the band to sing. Ron left the band for dead and moved on to join Corrupted Filth (also known as Decreation) in 1996. These 2 bands that were one lasted for about 2 years. In 1998, the KeyDragon took a couple of players from Decreation and formed Dry Rot. Dry Rot played for a year, put out 1 CD (Merulius Lacrymans), and that was the end of that. In 1999, the KeyDragon decided that enough was enough. No longer interested in going from one band to the next, he created KeyDragon. This has been his passion ever since.

The Latest Review From Burt of Beowolf Porductions - 2015


KEYDRAGON is a very unique Metal band hailing from California. These guys and lady have been unleashing their brand of Gothic Metal music that they like to call "Dragon Metal" since 1998. The band has really evolved over the years and has gotten better and better with each new release. "DESTINY CHAOS" is the bands latest release and sees the band getting a bit darker a nd a bit heavier than earlier releases. They still have that really dark and Gothic Metal sound at the core of their music, but they have added in more Death Metal, Folk Metal and even some Black Metal influences into their sound. The music has gotten much heavier and faster for the most part. It has also gotten much thicker and more aggressive, which is where I hear all the Death Metal coming into play. The Folk metal comes in with some of the song arrangements and not traditional sounding Metal parts. The Black metal surfaces in the darker more dreary and harsher parts of their sound. It also comes out in the vocals at times too. I really dig the new keyboard and effects that have been placed through out the music. It gives them a very different and unique Metal sound that I have not really heard before. When you combine all the styles together to create one sound, this is how you end up with Dragon Metal. They are the only Dragon Metal band out there and you really must experience KEYDRAGON for yourselves. This is one band that has been pushing along for many years now and have gotten better and better and still have not gotten the attention I believe they deserve! Check them out and be prepared to be taken on a mystical journey to the land of Dragons!!!




Mythical - 2010

Dragon Mythos - 2008

Legends Of The Dragon - 2007 

Dragon Prophecy - 2006

Uncontrollable Forces - 2005

Fire Red perception - 2004


Drink From The Waters Of War - 2003

Awaken The Lair - 2002

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