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  KeyDragon got it's name from the Keyboard Dragon originally created by Ron Langford in 1984.  This Gothic metal band hails from Grass Valley, California which is in the middle of Northern California, USA.  KeyDragon has been explained by Burt of Beowulf as "They center their sound on Metal, but they toss is Thrash, Doom, Classic Rock, Death, Progressive Metal & even some Jazz sounds too. The vocals are done in a mid ranged almost Death growl with some female vocals in the back. This is a different sounding band with a lot of originality!!!"

     After 10 years of working with various forms of metal and musicians, KeyDragon has evolved into a 6 piece, Dragon Metal band.  The band members are:

Ron Langford - Vocals, Keys, production

Roger Rains - Guitar

Tamara Venus Star - Vocals

Holly Rains - Drums

Andrew Grant - Guitar and Bass

Jake DeMarco - Backing Vocals

The group is currently working on their 8th and greatest album at KeyDragon Studios.  The sound is focused on Dragon Metal and Ron sings lead on most of the songs.  We are currently involved with a number of organizations to promote the new album and gain exposure for the band.  Here is a list of links that are supporting KeyDragon:








     Ron Langford, otherwise known as the KeyDragon, is the lead singer of the first four albums, deep screamer, bass synthesis player, programmer, and songwriter of the band.  He has studied the classical era, modern classical (contemporary) and alternative forms of classical piano artistry. He has had a wide range of instruction from blues, rock, classical - to new age, alternative, and progressive. He went to college as a piano major but ended up with a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Special Education.


     Jake DeMarco has been training to become a death metal vocalist.  He backs Ron Langford with his deep growls and death screams.

     Tamara Venus Star is a fantasric vocalist who has been singing all her life!  She is greatly influenced and has been trained in folk, rock, punk, and tribal forms of vocalization.  She is currently working as a singer on a number of projects including her own solo project soon to be released.



     Roger Rains is a great Rock 'n' Roll guitarist that has recently joined KeyDragon.  His Rock influences have added great dimensions to the new KeyDragon sound.


     Andrew Grant is a wonderful guitarist that worked with us on Awaken the Lair, Drink From The Waters of War and Dragon Mythos.  Andrew lends a skillful hand on bass and guitar.



     Holly Rains is an outstanding, progressive, metal fusion drummer from Frazier Park.  She joins us now as our drummer and has done a fabulous performance on our 7th album entitled Dragon Mythos.




Past Members:

Jason Whisman is an excellent live drummer.  He's a progressive metal drummer that has been playing for over 30 years.  Check out his skills in the band Real Eyes or The Kind.

Eli Swartz is a gifted guitarist that worked with us on Awaken the Lair.  Look for him and his band Uncle Scam.

Mississippi Bud is a great saxophone player that worked with us on Awaken the Lair, Drink From the Waters of War, Fire Red Perception, and Uncontrollable Forces.  Look for him and his band The Cool Band.

Lily White is a fabulous vocalist that worked with us on Awaken the Lair, Drink From the Waters of War, Fire Red Perception, and Uncontrollable Forces.  Look for her and her band The Cool Band.

CR is an accomplished drummer that worked with us on Fire Red Perception.  Look for him at the local clubs in Chico, CA., USA.

Bob Blackmon is an awesome guitarist that worked with us for the last 7 albums.  Look for him and his band Real Eyes.

Dan Marshall  has played in several different bands with Ron Langford such as 9th Wave, Jive Society and DontWalk.

Special thanks to Ben Blackmon for his guitar work on "Do You Ever Feel Like" and "Coyote and the Dragon" from the 8th CD entitled Mythical.

Special thanks to Dave Baxley of Futurewarrior Productions for his expertise and skills with mastering the last 7 CDs.  He also appeared as a guest solo keyboardist on several tracks from the past.  Check out his solo project for deep and intricate synth music.