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Dragon Mythos Lyrics



Marduck and Tiamat


In the beginning, was only nothing

The great one Apsu and Tiamat

Tiamat, spirit of salt water

And of the chaos

She was a Dragon

With feathered wings and hardened scales

A lions head, and body so strong

EA, one of their children

Foresee the future, the plans against him

EA, killed Apsu

And Tiamat was furious

Marduck, most powerful

Prepare for battle

Marduck, save EA

And become the Gods Lord


Dragon Tiamat

And all her monsters

They did face off

The battle began

Tiamat dodged

Marducks net

And opened wide

To swallow him up

He sent out a giant wind

Into the Dragons mouth


Tiamats jaws

Blew apart

Marduck fired an arrow

Straight into her heart

The fleeing monster hoard

Was gathered up

And quickly put into chains


Tiamats body

Was split in two halves

One half formed the heavens

The other formed the earth

From the blood

Of one of the monsters

Marduck made the human race

Put on earth to serve the Gods

And so the world was formed



The Red Dragon


A great sign did appear

Woman clothed with the sun

The great moon under feet

A garland of twelve stars

With child, in great pain

Great fiery Red Dragon

Seven heads and ten horns

Seven diadems on his heads


His tail drew upon

A third of the stars in space

He threw them to earth

The Dragon faced the Woman

Waiting to devour her child at birth


Woman bore male child

Who would rule over all

Woman fled, wilderness

And fed for 1260 days

War broke out

Angels, Dragon

Neither side victorious

The Dragon was cast down

Dragon raged against earth


Dragon against woman

With her offspring

The red dragon commanded

All of the world

Wore his mark on their right hand

And their foreheads

Three unclean spirits like frogs

From the mouth of the Dragon

An angel came down

Key to the bottomless pit

Great chains in his hand

He grabbed the Dragon

And bound him for 1000 years




Childe Wynde


Castle of Bamburgh their lived

The kings of Northumberland

A small village, deep in granite

An old king with two children


Childe Wynde was off at war

Margaret took care of home

A new queen in the manor

Cold beauty and cruel nature

A great banquet favored Margaret

And tensions grew with the queen

The queen cast her evil spell

And Margaret woke as a Dragon


The transformation horror

Exhausted poor Margaret

And she passed out, bright and early

The castle fills with cries

Hungry dragon Margaret


Everyone ran in fear

The dragon coiled on Spindlestone Heugh

The people gathered, found wizards

Who denounced the queenís evil


Word was sent to childe Wynde

King refused to believe

Childe Wynde sailed for England

A ship made from sorb wood


Come upon a spectacle

Sprites on the peaks of waves

Dazzling teeth and blazing eyes

They circled around the main mast

Skittle sapwood saves the ship

Sprites retreat, ship gains shore

Queen alone conceives new spells

Dragon stopping, blocked the ship


Twice beaten Childe Wynde

Landed a shore further down

Gulls spout, a fog engulfs them

Scary face upon the fog


Childe Wynde drew sword

As he faced the Dragon

Dragon gave a great cry

Hearing Margaretís voice inside

How to save her

Sheathed his sword

Kneeled in front of the dragon

Breath burned cheeks and eyes

Twice childe Wynde kissed poisonous lips

Sharp blades, lacerating mouth

Childe Wynde gave the final kiss

And the Dragon decayed


Melted into Margaret

They took her to the castle

All happy but the queen

Childe Wynde and the queen


Sapwood skittle against the strand

He found her in the corner

Fear in her eyes

Branch of the Sorb

The rod touched the queen

A cry and then a toad

Childe Wynde laughing

A croak from a cave




Heart of a Dragon


Each Day they shall arise

To the maddening cries

Of a Dragon and the sight

Of their fallen allies


Their wings once filled the skies

But now they hide

Waiting for the chance to fly

Once more to soar

Above the smoke and roar

Of yet another predator

Man and all he stands for


The Dragons had been told in truce

How the armies would set them loose

And they could build their lives as they choose


But many Dragon deals

Had fallen through

The dragons knew

They would soon be called together

They knew that

They needed their leader


So they amassed at the gate

As a reward for their wait

Their leader would ascend upon them

Armed from head to toe

He begins to show

All the fighting skills

That he has learned


When they take to the skies

All would soon realize

They dragons have come to townÖ


To see it burn

The armies would retreat

The people would be

Left in the street

Their fate would not be

Theirs to determine


The Dragons saw a chance

For bliss and they

Came to assist the people

To save their homeland


When the world saw this

They would all insist

Within the beast beats

The heart of a Dragon




The Four Dragons


Four Dragons from China

Lived in the eastern sea

Black Dragon, Long Dragon

Pearl Dragon, Yellow Dragon

Once upon a time

A long time ago

China had no rivers

All depended on the rain

To grow their crops

Then one day

A terrible drought

Hit the land

People suffered and starved

Four Dragons decided

To help the people

They took water from the sea

Sprayed it into the sky

It fell as a rain

And saved the crops

God of the sea

Furious with the four


They took the water

Without permission

Angry sea god

Told the emperor

Emperor punished dragons

Imprisoned under four mountains

Dragons still raged on

To help the people

They turned themselves

Into four rivers

Keep bringing water

To their beloved people

China has received

Its four great rivers

Black, Long, Pearl and Yellow





Chase down the sun and the moon

Devour them when you can

Emit from your great tail

A shower of comets


Stream across the vast night sky

Disguised as one of the gods

You drank the sacred potion

And then became immortal


The sun and the moon

They saw everything

Reported trickery

To the gods

This your punishment

A well aimed discus

Severed head from body

Jawzahr immortal

Head and body

The two parts live on


Angry at the sun and the moon

Revealed trick you played on the gods

Catch them if you can

Eat them and cause the eclipse


Chase down the sun and the moon

Devour them when you can

Emit from your great tail

A shower of comets





The Promise


If I could find

A treasure inside

For you

It would be true


And I hide

A treasure inside

To give

 To my true love


All that I need from you


Dragon inside

Of power and might

To you

It would be true


A promise from you

Secret to keep


Be my true love


Itís the promise to be true


Union of our lives

Treasure together

For us

It would be true


Now we hide

A treasure inside

To be

With my true love


Your promise to be true






Giant water snake

The demon

The land of Egypt

Ra hunter

A fearsome serpent



Head of stone

Jealous of Ra

And all his power



When Ra returned

Would attack

And try to consume



The great dragon

Sleeping magic

And put them to sleep



Ra is too strong

Celestial river

And swallow it up



You can strand Ra

None can kill you

And set boasts your death



Swallow the barque

Millions of years

Enemy of the sun



Evil dragon

Grew from darkness

Always seeking

To devour

The sun




Wage the battle

If you were to win

Eternal darkness



God of evil

Jealousy rage

You killed Osiris



Isis revenge

Her son of magic

Beware of Horus



Horus, sun god

Engaged in battle

Neither to win



Beware the gods

None of them like you

Banished from them



Hypnotize Ra

His entourage

Darkness forever



The Prince and the Dragon


Eldest prince rode out to hunt

A rabbit appeared, led to mill

Prince followed and found a Dragon

Fiery tongue coiled around him

Never to be seen again

Second prince rode out to hunt

And it all happened to him

Youngest prince rode out to hunt

Young prince turned to hunt elsewhere


Old woman outside

He greeted and asked

ďMy son, no rabbitĒ

ďJust a Big DRAGON!Ē

Prince asked her

Come with him

She refused

Dragonís prisoner

They made a plan

 ďTell me your strengthĒ

ďIíll kiss that placeĒ

Then told the secret

Of Dragons strength

Prince returned

Woman told him

Prince left and wandered


He found kingdom of the dragon

Presented to king, offered the herd

Beside the lake, outside the city

Richest lands, your flock will lead you

Beware, none have ever returned


Prince entered water called dragon

ďI am waiting for you O PrinceĒ

They wrestled all day, dragon gasped

Dragon said, ďIíll hurl you to the cloudsĒ


Kiss, wish, princess

Dragon let loose

Next day the same

Then on the 3rd day

Princess went with

ďFight me once moreĒ

Kissed on forehead

Prince gave a mighty heave

The dragon broke

Out sprang a boar

Took down the boar

Out flew a pigeon

Pigeon, sparrow

ďPlease spare me!Ē

I will tell you

How to free

Every one you ever loved!



MOO Inanea (The Self-Reliant Dragon)


Great Dragon Goddess of the Hawaiians

Bring the Dragons, the Kupua Dragons

From the hidden land of Kane

To the Hawaiian Islands

Dragons and kupuas

Spirit servants of the Gods


She lived in the pit

Nuuanu Valley clay

A place called Luapalolo

The pit of sticky clay

Dragons find your homes

Spread out around the islands


The precipice of Nuuanu Valley

Just above Honolulu

After many long years

Lived two dragon women

They formed 2 large stones

With miraculous power

One stone long and smooth

The other round and rough


Long stone on seaward side

Leaves of ferns cover Hau-ola

The other stone Ha-puu

Lehua flowers are Kupuas


Ha-Muki lived in the deep pools

Near the place of Ka-mo-o-loa

The long journeys that dragons make

Over the plains of Waialua

She and her descendants guard

And destroy those who travel this way


The Self-Reliant Dragon

Brought the dragons, the Kupua dragons

The Self-Reliant Dragon

Brought the dragons, the Kupua dragons

You have the power to

Grant us, Grant us safe passage





On the slopes of mount Cirfis

By the city of Delphi

Lived a giant water dragon

Sybaris terrorized them all

Every month she demanded

Innocent boy to devour

Apolloís priests drew the lots

Alcyoneus was next

Crowned with roses, a cheering crowd

The procession began

And they encountered

Eurybatus the warrior

Soldier stopped procession

Inquired about his fate

Discovering in great horror

He asked to free the boy

ďSacrifice me in his placeĒ

They denied his request

But allowed him to join them

The reached the sacrifice

And all withdrew except

The young boy and the warrior

Dragon emerged from the cave

Expecting a defenseless youth

Then she met eurybatus

The warrior did attack


He slew the great dragon

The scourge of the Dragoness

It came to a bitter end

And a sparkling spring appeared

All along her last breathe

Many years later they founded

Eurybatus, in his honor

A city in Italy, they called Sybaris

In memory of this feat



Mighty Dragon

Terrorize the people

And eat them all

One by one

Until the days are done




The Beauty of the Beast


As St. George

Stepped into


He heard a

Mighty roar

The Dragon

Upon him


As the arrows flew

All knew that this could be

Their final hour


The Dragon

He cut loose

Flames of fire

And brimstone

He had planned

A barrage

Of his own

Day ended

Night began

Fires all

You could see

The Dragon

Had just spent

Best army

Ever sent


The Dragon

Had to say

St. George is

All that stands

In my way


And St. George knew

That all he had to do

Was to slay the dragon


A simple task at first

But now the people ask

When is it ending

On, the fight went on

From dusk until dawn

Everyday, a new beginning


Then one day

St. George did

Walk over

To dragon

The great beasts

Tail wagging

St. George said,

ďI wish you

Were my friend

Mighty foe

Yes indeed

For I have

Come to know

You as well

As my steedĒ


And to this

The Dragon

Did reply

ďItís either

You or meĒ


So the fight continued

And all thatís remembered

The Beauty of the Beast



Fly Like You


All I wished I could do

Is fly like you


Flying across the skies

Into the silence

Of the night

Soaring ever higher


The stars on fire

We glide through the air

Across the land

We have no fear


All I


Wished I

Could do

Is take

To the


Like you


Many dreams Iíve been through

To fly like you


Wind in my face

The ground underneath

Flying through the air

Soaring ever higher


Planets aligned

Everything is fine

Wind in my hair

We have no fear


A Dragon smiles at you

Flies like you


Wings beating faster

Gaining momentum

Piercing through the clouds

Soaring ever higher


Climbing to the stars

Glide thinning air

Dragons of the stars

We have no fear









Legends Of The Dragon Lyrics



The Cuelebre


Forever vain, Day dreaming

Admire your hair, the Spring

Angry spirit watches

Be careful not to ruffle

Oh beautiful maiden

Lose not one hair in there

The Nymph will strike you down

One day, One hair, One glare


Wait for your true Love

To one day set you free


The nymph rose turned her right there

The girl became a Dragon

She was covered in scales

Her golden hair like spikes

Wings grew from her shoulders

The Cuelebre it howled

New Dragon hide yourself

In your cave by the sea

Guard your treasure in the cave

Itís your life by the sea

Oh Dragon chained and winged

Your pride has cost you this life





The Peasant and the Dragon


A Dragon flying, caught in a hurricane

Without direction, and in the dark he lost his way

Try you must to rise above the storm

You must rage to make it to your home

Overcome and weary, He fell to the ground

Unconscious in the mud, a stranger walking past

A man took pity upon the Great Dragon

Befriended Dragon, took him to his home


All of us

We must Love



Youíre mad, youíre crazy, youíre out of your mind

Itíll kill ya, itíll eat ya, It will swallow your soul

Donít trust it, canít be honored, get it out of my house

In the middle of the forest He will eat you alive


The Dragon healed, thanked the man for his home

Stretched his wings and made his offer of reward

The Dragon bore the Peasant to his cave

The man returned with Gold in his hands

The Peasantsí wife, all she wanted was the Gold

Back and forth, the man kept getting more and more

One last wish from your adoring wife

Make us Monarchs so we can rule them all


All of us

We must Love



The Dragon, the Peasant, the ambitious wife

I have the answer please come to my cave

Now you must stay prisoner not slave

Never leave the cave your wish is my command





Sun Dragon Chant


Dragon, Strength of body

Dragon, vitality

Sun Dragon, I ask now

Dragon, that you give to me

Sun Dragon, look on me

Dragon, with favor

Sun Dragon, that power

Dragon, riches I may savor


Dragon, I need a boost

Dragon, of confidence

Sun Dragon, a firm circle

Dragon, of true friends

Sun Dragon, new found hope

Dragon Thatís based on truth

Sun Dragon, for all of this

Dragon, I do thank you


Dragon, I seek your gift

Dragon, of fulfillment

Sun Dragon, Harken Sun Dragon

Dragon, grant me success

Sun Dragon, on my path

Dragon, bless me Sun Dragon

Sun Dragon, Harken Sun Dragon!

Dragon, Harken Sun Dragon!






Many, many years ago

In Pagan city Babylon

There lived a young man from Jerusalem named Daniel

King of Ancient Babylon

Cyrus the Persian

He held Daniel in high-esteem because of his great wisdom

Ancient city Babylon

Lived the Great Dragon Tanin

The Dragon was worshipped as a God in the temple of Bel

Cyrus the Persian

Tanin, old and wise Dragon

Daniel disproved the God Bel and offended the King

But Daniel wouldnít believe

Tanin omnipotent Dragon

He was alive, but not a God, and he can die!

The King did challenge Daniel

The Dragon WAS a deity

Daniel set up a scheme to show the Dragon was mortal

Daniel fed the mighty Tanin

Several cakes of deadly poison pitch

Tanin died in two days and Daniel was proved all right!

Cyrus the Persian

Tanin was a mortal Dragon

Cyrus the Persian you lost your Dragon God


Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh our Dragon God





The Dragon Prince


In all of France was held

A great, poetic Joust

The Court of Eleanor

Celebrated Troubadours

This day the winner unknown

A very handsome, young man

Who refused to give his name

Or  where he had come from

Aura of mystery

His kindness and beauty

Soon made him a favorite

With the ladies of the court

Griselda, wistful girl

Young daughter of Lord Foix

Fell in Love with the Knight

And declared her Love for him

They were married in secret

He took her to his home

Only on the condition

Only see him when he chose

The lady made a promise

To be with her true love

She would never try to find

The secret that he kept

One night she fell asleep

Within her loversí arms

She woke up in a castle

Her husband was beside her

You are here in my house

Which now belongs to you

You are my Lady, true Love

All that is mine is yours

If you need anything

I will gladly give to you

I wish only for your Love

Do not forget your promise

The young prince would leave her arms

A locked room in the castle

Curiosity took over

The young Lady had to see

She crept up to the door

And spied through the crack there

Horrified she did watch

He turned into a Dragon!

Green scales and powerful wings

She cried out in horror

The Dragon Prince wheeled around

Terrified wife in doorway

Deeply hurt by betrayal

The Prince had her removed

The Court of Aquitaine

Never again to see her

She could not forget her Love

And not a day passed by

Happiness beside Dragon

And so she wrote this for him





The Dragonís World


Far beneath the smoldering ground

Lies the den of the Dragon

So proudly he flew before they knew

The tale of his existence

Within their minds

The people were unkind

As the legend grew

The Dragons time

Was far behind

The Dragon

Offered no resistance

The Dragon

Soon the spears and arrows flew

The Dragon knew he had found himself

In yet another savage den

In a blinding flash, his world would pass

As he tried to step aside

And they would not let him by

They demanded his head

As the armies were led

Into the smoldering wasteland

After his demise

The people cried

They Realized

They were doomed without him

The Dragon

So the banners that flew

And the armies to

Now have an image of him

To remind them

Of how swift he flew

The old ways that he knew

And the good times they

Would no longer have without him





Dragon Troubadour


In the reign of Charlemagne

Deep in Gascony

An old, wise Dragon swelled

They call him jilocasin

The Dragon was a poet

Respected troubadour

A very special Dragon

Could take human form

He traveled back and forth

From Humans to Forest

Then one day while traveling in the forest

The troubadour heard a desperate cry

Not losing a moment he ran to help

Found a woman trying to defend herself

The poet quickly changed into a Dragon

Two swift blows and the bandits were dead

The woman fainted from her injuries

The Dragon took her to his dwelling

Jilocasin cared for her

A Lady of prestige

He undid the bundle

Clasped to her breast

A peaceful baby sleep

Oblivious to everything

Soon the Lady woke

And he took human form

Lady was so grateful

She told him everything

She was widowed within two years of marriage

Her husband was great but now heís gone

Her family forced her to marry her cousin

A greedy man that wanted title and wealth

The wedding was quick and the morning ignored

Still pregnant by her first husband, no one knew

When baby was born six months after the wedding

Husband tried to take so Lady ran away

Thank you for saving us

My life belongs to you

The Dragon let her in

Love grew as time passed

She knew he was a Dragon

But it did not change their Love

Dragon had all he wanted

Traveled to far off places

Loved and sang together

Three years they lived this way

To complete her happiness, she became pregnant

They both looked forward to the birth of their son

But tragic she died in child birth

Jilocasin, sadness, despair

The only companion who loved him as he was

Faithful Dragon raised the boys as his own

He taught them so well and presented them

The two brothers, Knights of the Dragon, noble with honor

They avenged their motherís memory

Took back their castle from their villainous uncle

Who had stolen it from them





Dread Biter


The Dread Biter is the Dragon

Living by the root of the world tree

It lives in the Underworld eating dead bodies

Bubbling cauldron, rivers of the world

Gnawing on the root, Taunt Eagle with Squirrel

Dread Biter, Dread Biter, Dread Biter

You bring balance to the world

The Dread Biter, Evil Dragon

You join four stages, graze leaves and bark

Dread Biter will rise at Ragnorok

Raise bodies of the dead to help in battle

Dread Biter will survive, Live in new order

Dragon striking full of hatred






The son of Loki was the Dragon Jormungand

Kidnapped by the Gods, Odin cast him to Midgard

There he laid until he grew very long and strong

He ate the large whales, wrapped himself Ďround the world

Coiled Ďround and Ďround, firmly biting his own tail

Shunned by all the Gods and hunted by mighty Thor

Thor and Jormungand, in all they would meet three times


Hold on to your tail

The world is held

By your great coils


Hold on to your tail

Save the world

From slipping into Chaos

Loki he did test, tricked the strong thunder God

Asked to pick up his cat, who was really the Dragon

Then Thor went fishing using a giant bulls head

Caught the World Serpent, afraid hymir cut the line

Thor and Jormungand fought at the final battle

Thor killed the Dragon, Thors hammer to the head

The Dragon killed Thor, his poisonous breath caused death





Cooper and the Dragons


In Switzerland, there lived a man

Who sought some wood in the mountains

Cooper did walk away from path

And by nightfall he went astray

Scanned the darkness for campfires

Branches in face, the ground gave way

Cooper falling down the ravine

He was exhausted, the ravine bottom

A strange odor of dung and burnt foliage

Cooper exhausted, he fell fast asleep

The pale gleam of dawn, he woke up in pain

The Cooper looked up and to his despair

The steep ravine walls, to high and abrupt

Then he heard a sigh, scared, hair stood straight up

The breath of furnace, the smell of sulphur

Scan the darkness and you will find

Two great Dragons resting inside

Fell to his knees to beg the sky

Waking Dragon unfold your wings

Grab the Cooper with your long tail

Look in his eyes, see the terror

Release the man, Cooper unharmed

Dragon sleeping, Drowsy Dragons

All winter long, laid with Dragons

He ate mushrooms and dew from walls

The Dragons breath did keep him warm

All winter long they lived this way

Dragons and man deep in the cave

Birds chirp outside, Oh sweet flowers!

The Dragons lifted their great, horny heads

Unfurled mighty wings, one of them flew out

The warm Spring sunshine

The second Dragon came close to Cooper

He snorted gently telling, ďTime to go!Ē

Cooper found courage, grabbed hold Dragons Tail

They were both soaring high above the cave

Thought heart would burst, joy of sun on face

The wind in his hair

Dragon lowered him to meadow

Cooper did wave goodbye to him

Man and Dragon did live quite well

And the Cooper told his great tale

The Pilatus revered Dragons

Such good natured, helpful creatures

Mighty Dragon, You will save us

Mighty Dragon, you will save us





Nie Lang Dragon


Nie Lang Dragon, Watch over us

There was once a human boy

Who lived in Szechuan China

One year there was a long drought

Boy must cut grass for master

There is no grass for his horse

A white hare appeared to him

Led him to a place of grass

And everyday he returned

This was a magickal place

A so very special place

All grass that he cut regrew

The lush grass always renewed

He took some grass home to plant

That way he could stay at home

When he dug up the grass plant

He found a pearl underneath

He planted grass by his home

And he put the glowing pearl

Into an empty rice jar

The next day, grass was shriveled

The pearl gave Nie Lang and Mom

Much more rice than they needed

Share the precious gift of rice

With all of your good neighbors

Nie Lang Dragon, Watch over us

Nie Langs master was lord Zhou

Heard about the magic pearl

And wanted it for himself

He and his guards came looking

Looked for the pearl at langs house

Nie Lang swallowed magic pearl

To stop guards from finding it

Langs neighbors chased guards away

The pearl felt hot inside him

The pearl was so very hot

He needed to quench his thirst

So he ran to the river

Nie Lang at the rivers edge

He kept drinking the water

Lord Zhou and his guards returned

They headed to the river

Lang rose out of the river

Transformed into a Dragon

The Dragon sent a great wave

Washed Lord Zhou and guards away

Nie Lang our savior Dragon

He ascended to Heaven

Nie Lang our savior Dragon

Watches over us today







Deep within the lake

There lives a beast

The Forkend Mountain

In Oregon

The serpent watches

And lays in wait

Oh, Amhuluk

Water serpent, with two long horns

Rise from the deep, impale your prey

Oh, Amhuluk

Amhuluk impaled two good children

Deep into the lake for five days straight

The children appeared by the water

Their father called them but they remained

Oh Amhuluk

Catch and drown things

Your cruel passion will haunt us all

Great lake serpent

Oh, Amhuluk





The Rainbow Serpent


The Great Circle, it holds everything

Universe, all inside

When you stand at the heart

Of the circle, Center Place

You can see the four quarters

Each is sacred, Itís own powers

It is by, there four powers

All of us, do survive

There coils the Rainbow Serpent

There Coils the Rainbow Serpent

Blue-black road of the dead

Meets the white road of the living

Where these roads they do meet

Center Place, very sacred

Holy place, The Great Circle

There is coiled, Rainbow Serpent

Her symbol is the sacred

Lightning spiral, Rainbow Serpent

There coils the Rainbow Serpent

There coils the Rainbow Serpent

It is said, those who look

Rainbow Serpent, newborn eyes

She shall wake, arc across

The long face of the world

They may climb on her back

To Sky worlds without death

And they can, if they dare

They may speak with the Gods

The Rainbow Serpent





Dragon Prophecy Lyrics



The Dragon Calls Me


Full moon enlightens, the forest tonight

Moving so quickly, the Dragon calls me

Open the power, deep within the mind

The Dragon calls me

Inner strength tower, built thickly inside

The Dragon calls me


Now all I have to do

 Is listen to it

That mighty Dragon call

The Dragon calls me


The Dragon Calls Me

The Dragon beckons to me


Riding the Dragon, the power divine

Over mountain tops, The Dragon calls me

Fathoms of oceans, no landform in sight

The Dragon Calls me

Far in the waters, the grey-blues my light

The Dragon Calls me



Dragon Prophecy


I wake from deep sleep

The world is not the same

Dare I walk

To the window

Donít believe my eyes


Dragons flying in the sky

Dragons over the hillside

Emerging from the sea

Lakes, rivers, and creeks

Dragons at my feet

Burning down history

Now they live

Fire, strength, and might

They give to me


The Dragon prophecy


Awake within the dream

Walking with the ancient

No need to think

Dragons know my heart

My soul and thoughts

The world belongs to them

From great mountains

To the endless seas

Itís the Dragon prophecy

The Dragon Prophecy


I walk among Dragons

The world belongs to them

From mountain to sea

The Dragon Prophecy



The Dragon Sea


We sail across the world

To find the golden land

Our destiny is there

Just past the Dragonsí Lair

We venture to be free

Far beyond the Dragon Sea


The Dragon Sea


I canít be the one to let it know

I canít be the one to set it free

Thereís no telling where it wants to go

Out here, alone in the Dragon Sea


Our Dragon guides the way

Safe passage across the sea

As water boils and bubbles

Water serpents below the boat

We dare not let the Dragon go

The Dragon Sea, The Dragon knows!



Scales and Wings


From the seas high tide

Blowing winds, grey sky

Scales and wings fly on by

And the Dragon meets my eye


Scales and wings

Of the Dragon

And the fire

That creeps in and out of every single

Thought, that I have

If I could only keep it straight

For a moment I think that

I would see

The growing Dragon in me

Scales and wings

Forever in my mind

Scales and wings

Always on my side

Scales and wings

The Dragons scales and wings

Scales and wings

Forever by my side

Scales and wings

Scales and wings


From the land, earth quake

Molten rock, lava flows

Scales and wings rise up high

And the Dragon meets my eye


From Heavens deep space

Solar flares bright red

Scales and wings glide the night

And the Dragon meets my eye



The Dragons Dog


In a deep, dark wasteland

Lies the Dragons dog

He awaits in silence

For his masters call

He is swift and furious

As the Dragon himself

He senses your presence

And goes into stealth

Prepare yourself for his release

Search quickly and find your inner peace

He is upon you

Before you realize

You can smell

His hot, steamy breath

And see the death in his eyes

He rips and he tears

At your mortal soul

He takes you down

Along deaths road you stroll

Just when you think you have him

The master arrives

To take up the battle

To extinguish your life

You fight hard

You know you canít loose

You could run but

This is the life you choose

You stand there and face them

The Dragon and his dog

Only you stand between them

The Dragon, his dog, and your soul



As Heavy as a Dragon


The Dragon looks at you

And now your fear is true

Your bodies turning blue

Donít forget to breathe!

Take a quick step back

Heart rate pounding fast

Sweat builds on your brow

Take a look around

Youíre in the Dragons cave

Thereís only one way out

Just past the Dragons girth

The exits blocked from you

You feel it now

Pushing down on you

Itís so heavy now

Itís as heavy as a Dragon

As heavy as a Dragon


You canít run from it

You canít hide from it

You canít bring it down

You can only



And hope that it will go

And leave you alone

Donít dare to make a move

Stand your ground and wait


The Dragon settles down

Into the earthen floor

It keeps its gaze on you

It waits for you to move

You dare not take a step

Or move from side to side

The hairs on your neck

Standing up with fright

A small stream of fire

From the Dragons mouth

Licks right by your face

The fire is so hot

You feel it now

Pushing down on you

Itís so heavy now

Itís as heavy as a Dragon!

As heavy as a Dragon!


The cave is getting hot

As the Dragon breathes

You canít take much more

Of the Dragonsí heat

Its eyes begin to fade

As it settles down

Just one eye on you

It looks on and waits

The pressures building up

Heat is rising fast

You canít take much more

Before youíll make your move

You feel it now

Pushing down on you

Itís so heavy now

Itís as heavy as a Dragon!

As Heavy as a Dragon!



Facing the Dragon


On a forested mountain top

I could see the Wyverns cave

Deep within the river valley

Upon a small grassy plain

We approached it from the side

Through the river and under itís eye

Into the dark and strange abyss

We did venture and take risk

In this dark, cold Dragons lair

We walked in to find the treasure

A flash of fire reveals the carrion

Now we stand facing the Dragon


Facing the Dragon

Face the Dragon


A glint of steel and arrows fly

Some mumbled words and lightning strikes

The Dragon roars and breathes deeply

The fire floods the cave completely

Just in time the wizard saves us

With a spell of fire resistance

The Dragons eyes fixate on us

He gaze a daze that melts all away

Without defense our warrior toils

Against a beast beyond his power

With little strength left tot spend

We must stand and face the Dragon


Facing the Dragon

Face the Dragon


It casts upon us a cold dark stare

That winds its way to our despair

Our weapons fall and we hardly care

The Dragon waits and watches with dare

The fear begins to grow within

The thought of treasure very thin

Smelling flowers in the fresh air

Swimming in the water and rivers Bear

Before we know it weíre no longer there

No more cave no more Dragon no fear

It let us live that day in the cave

To face the Dragon another day



Guardian Dragon


We are searching for the power

To bring together in this night

All our efforts and our wisdom

A Guardian Dragon in my sight


Give to it your thoughts

Your fears and all your doubts

Guardian Dragon

Will you be myÖ


Unite we will with the Dragon

Fire flowing full of power

Our energy within great strength


We march on, through dawn

Into the morning light

Carry all and hold it

As long as you can last

Give to it your thoughts

Your fears and all your doubts

Guardian Dragon

Will you be myÖ



Fafnirs Tale


A greedy dwarf and his fatherís gold

Begins the tale of a Dragon old

He killed his father and took his hoard

Hid in a cave guarded by his soul

Through his greed and the curse of gold

Slowly transformed into a Dragon


Oh great Fafnir, ruler of Fire

The color red, of summer and sword

You feel the power enter your body

Cleansing fire from the Dragons mouth

Protect yourself from your enemies


And the Fire, waiting for you

Itís the Fire, protecting you

And the fire, surrounding you

Itís the fire, you canít see through


Siegfried new not of the treachery

Fafnirs brother and the Dragons gold

The magician filled the warriors mind

With thoughts of riches and glory divine

To the river they did lay a trap

He dug a hole and hid there well


When Fafnir passed over top the hole

Siegfried used Grim to slay the Dragon

Dying Fafnir told of the treachery

The magician wanting everything

The warrior took all of the hoard

Bringing with it the curse of gold


The fire Dragon and the treasure hoard

A dead magician and a cursed warrior

Family ruined by the greed of gold

Another Dragon and the tales of old

Fafnirs fire and the red Dragons

They will live on in our legends



Dragon Metal


We walk alone at night

My path is the forest light

Now that we venture into it

My Dragon circles overhead

My sword is close at hand

Their fear becomes like quick sand

Itís hard to find the Dragon

He hides all so well within

Now your journey will begin


He flies, from you

So you can see

Takes you to places

Far beyond the trees


Dragon Metal


He plunges into battle

His cries can be heard

His cry for mercy

Has never been learned


Dragon metal


He takes no prisoners

And all will fall

Who so ever should test his metal

And not flee from his call


High in the sky he soars

The Dragon shows you everything

Some things you canít ignore

When he senses injustice

Down he goes with a roar

Vengeful at first

Then he gathers his wits

He breathes great fire

They all flee from it

Rips and claws across the field


The Dragons Metal

You canít kill it

One by one soldiers strike

Sword and spear bounce off scales


Dragon metal


Land and sea, they move in on him

Dragonís metal they try to kill

The battle comes to an end

The Dragon still stands


Dragon Metal


He takes no prisoners

And all will fall

Who so ever should test his metal

And not flee from his call



Piasa the Storm Bird


Long, long ago only animals roamed

Storm Bird lived in a river cave

His cave lined with Buffalo bones


After our people arrived on Earth

Storm Bird captured one of our men

From that day on he threatened us all


A loud roar and a flapping sound

Piasa coming out of his cave

All knew something had to be done

Ouatoga was our great chief

He would find a way to kill the beast

He withdrew into fast and solitude

Ask the Great Spirit to show the way

He told all to hide in their teepees

Twenty warriors opposite the beastsí cave

Dressed in war bonnet our chief did stand


Without weapons in the open land

Storm-Bird saw the chief and let out a roar

It spread itsí wings and flew at the chief

Ouatoga stood chanting death songs


Instantly the warriors let loose arrows

The Storm Bird was struck in the side

Into the water the Storm Bird died

A bird like monster painted high on the bluffs

Large as a calf with horns like a deer

Deep red eyes and a tigers beard

Face like man body covered in scales

Paisa legend, the Storm bird lives on



The Golden Dragon


Most revered the Golden Dragon

Scales and wings the color of gold

Earth, water, and fire

By nature he embraces all three

The Golden Dragon possessed the greatest beauty

Unique pure and perfect

Defending earth from hatred and greed

He works so that all will be freed

Neither fire, nor air, nor water

Are strangers to his being

Only one knight befriended the Dragon

And only three have ever seen them


Defend enchanted castle

Guard the sacred chalice

Font of peace, nature, and life

Concealed from human eyes

We are not worthy of it

We must be free from darkness

Untouched by any flaw

Pure and without blemish


Sacred chalice and the pure hearted knight

Were plucked from earth with a promise

They would return when the dwellers of the world

Became worthy to drink from the chalice

In the heart of the hidden wood

Deep within the enchanted castle

The golden Dragon and the guardian knight

Watch over the font of life

When the chalice returns to earth

All of the Dragons will fly to meet them

Nature will be cured of its wounds

All fear and hatred will disappear




Maud and the Dragon


Once upon a time in Mordiford

Maud was walking in the nearby wood

Came upon a little animal

Had the look of forlorn and reject

Tiny creature was a small Dragon

Shiny green and single set of legs

And its bat like wings to young for flight

Once it saw Maud they were friends for life


Maud was enchanted by the Dragon

She brought him back home and showed her parents


Soon they saw a little baby Dragon

They were very upset and concerned

They told Maud to take it to the woods

Maud with Dragon sadly left the home

Maud left woods to find a secret place

Hide the Wyvern in her hiding place

There the Dragon lived and ate and grew

Saucer of milk would no longer do!


Maud was enchanted by the Dragon

She was the only one safe from the wyvern


The Merardering monster of Mauds

Ate the live-stock and the towns people

Maud begged it to end the murdering

The Dragon looked at her with its eyes

Friendship and love are the strongest things

But not even this could change its ways

Tyranny must fall so all can live

A warrior must come with lance and steed


Maud was enchanted by the Dragon

She stood beside it, itís only friend here


Garston warrior dismounted and stood

Gallantly he sought his dreadful foe

Quickly the green monster lunged forward

Hidden by the green foliage around

He reacted raising his great shield

Garston barely blocked the fire blast

Flash of lance did pierce the Dragons Flesh

Screaming girl with a big Dragons death


Maud was enchanted by the Dragon

Dying Wyvern, End of innocence










Uncontrollable Forces lyrics




     Sciatica, Sciatica

You're getting on my last nerve

I think that it's more than I can endure

The pain is so real,

It seems surreal

If you were the devil,

I think I'd make a deal

It's all that I can think of

And it's all that I can feel

Every day's the same

Each day that I wake up,

I'm still in pain

    Sciatica, Sciatica



That Great Dragon


     It's the one for you

To be you're tried and true

Believe it if you dare

The one that brings you here


It's that great dragon

Feeling its piercing gaze

It's that great Dragon

Slashing through all the chains

It's that great Dragon

Freeing your inner thoughts

It's that great Dragon

Bring forth all of its power

It's that great Dragon


And if you thought for a moment

That you were free

Just laugh it off, 'cause no

One leaves so easily

And if you think that the

World is made of sugar and spice

Then you can't see the flies

That rise so high above the pile

And if your mind is open

To see it all

Then why do you try to run

And hide from the fall

And if you think you can

Conquer them all

Remove your shield and

Let's see how you get involved


And if you thought for a moment

That you were strong

Just shrug it off 'cause

No one's made of steel and bronze

And if you think that our world

Is just a speck

Then get walking before your

Lost within a breathe

And if you think you're better

Than all of us

Your head so big it

Barely knows what to touch

When you think you know

Every right from wrong

It falls inward and leaves you

With iron bars

And if you think you can face

This world alone

Then build your box 'cause

You'll be on your way home


That Great Dragon

Has come here for you and me

Don't shrug it off

As something less than you and me



Uncontrollable Force of One


     I wield the night

Of the blackest times

I see them all

As they stand against the wall

I feel my mind

 Searching for a place to hide

I will become

Uncontrollable force of one


Dancing on the freeway as

The chaos fills the skies

Burning with the fire

Incandescent in the night

Building inner power

As I step up to the fight

My body moving full of

 Fury for the time


Uncontrollable Force of One


I grad the fire

From the dragons mouth

I pull the power

 Of the strongest minds

I keep my sight

On the stairs of time

I will become

Uncontrollable Force of One



    Falls Away


     I know it's in the past

I've been there many times before

It will haunt me all my life

As it has these many years now gone


Now I know it all falls away

Down a path of rot and decay

Breaking down and broken down again

It's all gone, scattered in the wind

Falls away now


Things of power lost in the rage

Like a candle burning to an end

We march on a cruel decaying trend

Broken bones and finely woven skin


Sight and sound obscure by dull minds

It's all blurred, beaten by the ages

Crawling onward to your bitter doom

Now you see it will all fall away



  You Must Bend



You must bend, from the Dragon

Can you see me can you hear me

Do you want to know?

What I think about this

Crazy little spinning show

It's always like a story

That you never tell

Like someone slippin' in and out

Of the zone, bone, tone, hone and gone

I like to make it jump

When it's done

Don't worry about the little

Bits of odds and ends

You'll be all right if you


Bend, you must bend


Yeah we all been tappin' nothing now

For quite some time

To wonder always is a constant

Waste of mind

You do or do not it will

All lay on your shoulders now

Time is tickin' on and on

And now it's gone


Hope I shed a little dark

Upon your simple life

And now you know that

Nothing is without its price

To be the one that seems to

Be the kind that's always on

And now that we're gone

You're left with the Dragon


The Dragon, the dragon, the dragon


Oh you think I didn't know the

Songs still on

Then you've learned very little

From the KeyDragon

But that's the way this life

Goes on for thee

You'll become the thing you

Thought you'd never be



What Happens Inside


     When you look at me

And start to yell and pace

The force of the wind

Hits me right in the face

It's uncontrollable

What happens inside

I get tunnel vision

And I just want to hide

But it all turns red

And I blow up instead

When I come back to my senses

I realize the things I did and said

I want to apologize

It seems so easy to take control

But it's a mistake to think

You know the things that you know

What Happens inside

Inside it's hard to control

You're in denial

You can't get in touch with your soul

You're having problems

Controlling your destiny

Nothing is coming out right

You have to let it go

It seemed so simple

Only a moment ago

Don't fight it

Or it'll get worse

Instead of letting go

You'll end up getting cursed

Don't fight it

It gets worse

Just let it go

And be in control



Calling You


Calling you, calling you

You are the one

That we have been calling

All you let it do

Is ring and ring and ring

What we want of you

A sign of some knowing

That you can

See and hear


The message that we speak

The writing on the wall

The words on the sheet

The secret in my mind


All you have to do

Is say it back to me

Let all of us know

You did hear from me

When you hear our call

Get up to your feet

Answer us





   The Jaded Dragon


     It's up in the air

Everything I loved about you

Left only with despair

My hate for you grows stronger

Burrowing inside

Like a beetle in the sty

Seething with the anger

It will boil onto you

My love falls way

Leaving only agony

Living in the black

I am ready to attack

Ready to explode

I will take you down my hole

Fire in my eyes

It will consume everything



What you want from me I can't give

I'm not the slave that you wanted

You look just like what I hated

The anger has made me jaded



Once bitten you can't go back now

Filled with contempt about your order

Left right left right until it's over

Just one more time before I blow it





     Creeping, Seeping

Creeping, Seeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The points of light

Slowly shining

Thru the darkness

As it's creeping

The darkness is seeping

Obscuring the light

Obscuring the light

The darkness is creeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The point of light

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The darkness is creeping

Slowly seeping

Obscuring the light

Obscuring the light

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping

The darkness is creeping

It's slowly seeping




The Domino Effect


You can sometimes see it coming

But often it's too late

By the time you see the dominos falling

It's too late to escape

They are placed one by one

You knock one over then it's done


At first you think

You can control it

It even seems like fun

That's just your mind

It's in denial

 The Domino Effect has already come


One event leads to another

So smoothly they fly

Sometimes it's a quick trip

Only a few dominos to flip

Far to often

It's a catastrophic event

When the dominos are laid for us

We really don't know

We watch and we wait

For the next domino show

We hope that we'll be lucky

And escape its cold embrace

Once the dominos start falling

You're in fates grace



   Rage On                        


I will not surrender

I will not give in to

I will not calm down now

I will not obey you

I will not listen now

I will not do for you

I will not follow you

I will not be like you

I will always rage on

I am the red fury

I am the hate rager

I am the dragons roar

I am the broken door

I am the broken glass

I am the midnight mass

I am the burning coal

I am the fury soul


I will always rage on


I will rage war on you

I will rage pan on you

I will rage through the day

I will rage all away

I will rage to the end

I will rage on and on

I will rage all my life

I will rage into death



Flying with the Dragon


            The Dragon awaits you

Upon the mountain top

Spread your wings on the wind

Take flight into the world


Flying with the Dragon


Spiral or descension

Into glory and beyond

Power of the Dragon

Is in the palm of your hands

Dragon bound with human

On the airstreams in the night

Flying with the Dragon

Perfect union full of might


The Dragon flys swiftly

Past the vast desert sands

Open your arms to it

Takes you farther than life



Flying with the Dragon


Climbing ever onward

Through the blackness of the day

Plunging into the waters

Within the fathoms of open thought

Exploding into ascension

Rising higher within the stars

Dragon full of fury

Fires burning in my heart


The Dragon comes for you

It knows your every thought

The Dragon within you

It's bursting to the top


Flying with the Dragon


Dragon full of power

Strength and wisdom be your guide

Dragon full of fury

Flying with you in your mind




                Sick Day


            I can feel it coming on

And it's coming on strong

I've felt it all along

A feeling that don't belong

Sick Day

I wish I were in a better space

Instead of back to the workplace

I've just started on this week

Already I'm starting to peak

Sick Day

I feel like I just don't belong

I feel just like going home

I feel it down to the bone

Another sick day going home

Sick Day




            Dreaming of Dragons


                                Dragon Dreaming                                    

My wings through the air

Claws on broken ground

Scales shimmering bright

Fire in the night

Teeth like sharp daggers

A tail as long as life

Eyes that shine so bright

Muscles full of might