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Dragon Mythos Reviews

Reviewed by Burt from Beowolf Productions - 2015
KEYDRAGON is a very unique Metal band hailing from California. These guys and lady have been unleashing their brand of Gothic Metal music that they like to call "Dragon Metal" since 1998. The band has really evolved over the years and has gotten better and better with each new release. "DESTINY CHAOS" is the bands latest release and sees the band getting a bit darker a nd a bit heavier than earlier releases. They still have that really dark and Gothic Metal sound at the core of their music, but they have added in more Death Metal, Folk Metal and even some Black Metal influences into their sound. The music has gotten much heavier and faster for the most part. It has also gotten much thicker and more aggressive, which is where I hear all the Death Metal coming into play. The Folk metal comes in with some of the song arrangements and not traditional sounding Metal parts. The Black metal surfaces in the darker more dreary and harsher parts of their sound. It also comes out in the vocals at times too. I really dig the new keyboard and effects that have been placed through out the music. It gives them a very different and unique Metal sound that I have not really heard before. When you combine all the styles together to create one sound, this is how you end up with Dragon Metal. They are the only Dragon Metal band out there and you really must experience KEYDRAGON for yourselves. This is one band that has been pushing along for many years now and have gotten better and better and still have not gotten the attention I believe they deserve! Check them out and be prepared to be taken on a mystical journey to the land of Dragons!!!

April 2, 2009
SOUND BITES ~metallic munchies: KeyDragon, Freakhouse, Ground Of Ruin, Mantic Ritual
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By Rob Swick

Dragon Mythos ~ by: KeyDragon
Swirling synthesizers spar with grinding guitars and dashing drums to form the 13 dragon-themed tracks on KeyDragon's latest release, Dragon Mythos. The project is helmed by a keyboard master from Northern California named Ron Langford, who is also known as the KeyDragon -- which is likewise the name of his band. Like all KeyDragon albums, Dragon Mythos consists of goth-metal explorations of the extensive dragon-related legends and lore found around the world. All Access Magazine last visited KeyDragon in March 2008 to hear Legends of the Dragon, which included guitarist Bobby Blackmon and singer Tamara Venus Star. All three soar out again from Grass Valley for this outing, joined by guitarist-bassist Andrew Grant, along with another lady in the lineup: jazzy-handed drummer Holly Rains. Also appearing is DJ-programmer Dan Marshall, who helps with production and supplementary keys. These elements combine to forge an electric, keyboard-intensive sound that is distinguished by the contrast between Tamara's silvery voice and Ron's fearsome, roaring fulminations. Like last time, "Dragon Mythos" is adorned by the reptilian visions of some of Ron's students, plus the cover concept of the KeyDragon himself. Along with the distinctive vocal duality heard from Tamara and Ron, the instrumentation also takes some surprising turns -- as observed, for instance, in the subdued yet entrancing introduction to "MOO-Inanea (The Self-Reliant Dragon)," which promptly breaks to a loud and busy verse structure, and then heads back to the the thoughtful slowdown. And at the outset of "The Prince and the Dragon," Tamara ventures into the realm of spooky vocal effects, while Ron pensively tickles the ivories. While "MOO-Inanea" is a re-telling of a Hawaiian dragon tale, fiery beasts from other disparate locales such as Egypt, China, and Greece are featured as well. And oh yes, the disk had to include a biblical taste of John the Apostle's apocalyptic revelations, in "The Red Dragon"-- and how aptly Ron and Tamara embody the millennial conflict between maid and monster! And in the closing track, "Marduck and Tiamat," Ron and company explore, as they did with the previous album's "Rainbow Serpent," a creation myth that considers a reptilian role in the very foundation and fabric of the universe itself. If you've heard the dragon roar before and now you want some more, or if you're new to the concept of "Dragon Metal" and find yourself intrigued, a fascinating flight is found on the wings of the KeyDragon, with the new CD, Dragon Mythos.

Keydragon - Dragon Mythos
KeyDragon- Dragon Mythos

Artist: KeyDragon
Title: Dragon Mythos
Style: Gothic Metal
Rating: 7.9 out of 10
By C.W. Ross
Ron Langford started KeyDragon in 1984. Over the years this Northern California band has progressed to its current lineup of, Ron Langford (vocals, keys, production), Bobby Blackmon (guitar), Tamara Venus Star (vocals), Holly Rains (drums), Andrew Grant (guitar, bass), and Dan Marshall (production and DJ).
The band’s sound is based on Gothic Metal but also adds in several other styles of the metal genre (Death, Doom, Power, Thrash, Progressive) as needed. The songs for the most part are lead by the sweet singing vocals of band member Tamara Venus Star. Many of the songs though also feature a mixture of those sweet tones along with a dark, haunting screamo meets growling vocals that sound like they are coming straight from the depths of hell courtesy of Ron Langford
Add into that vocal mix a big dose of synthesizers/keys work along with heavy guitars and drums and you get what is the sound of KeyDragon.
As their name suggest this band is all about that mystical beast known as the dragon. Each song acts like another piece of the dragon fairy tale story.
My favorite tracks from the release were, “The Prince and the Dragon,” that had a nice arrangement that alternated between soft piano keys and metal moments. I also liked the guitar and drum work, along with the lyrics found in the song, “Four Dragons.”
I’m by no means an expert on this style of music, but, if you’re fans of bands like, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Leaves’ Eyes you’ll find yourself right at home with the music of KeyDragon.
This band’s Gothic Metal style of music isn’t for everyone but if you like to take a trip on the fantasy side with your music listening then you should get KeyDragon’s release Dragon Mythos.

(13 track CD) Self Released
KEYDRAGON is back with another new release that takes their sound one step further than past
releases. This band plays Metal music that blends together many elements of Gothic, Fantasy,
Classic Rock, Folk, Death Metal & Thrash Metal. Their sounds is quite original & in no way
resembles anyone else. The Fantasy & Classic Rock influences is what helps set them apart. The
keyboards really help set this up. They remind me of something you might hear at a Medieval or
Renaissance Faire. The vocals are a mix of Gothic melodic & atmospheric female vocals with lower
mid ranged Death growls. This is a band that needs to be heard to truly appreciate what they do!
Burt from Beowulf

Review: KeyDragon - Dragon Mythos

KeyDragon – Dragon Mythos
2008, KeyDragon Studios

Heavy metal, programming and dragons are the three pillars of KeyDragon, the California band led by singer/screamer/synth player/programmer Ron Langford. Dealing exclusively in songs about Dragons, KeyDragon thrives in a gothic metal style with elements of Thrash, Darkwave and Prog. Langford is joined by Tamara Venus Star on vocals, Bobby “Bob-O” Blackmon on electric and bass guitars, Dan Marshall (DJ/Programmer), Holly Rains (drums) and Andrew Grant (guitar/bass). KeyDragon’s latest, Dragon Mythos, continues down the path of musical dragon lore.

For those of you not familiar with KeyDragon, the California band writes and performs only songs dealing with dragons. Some songs focus on folklore surrounding dragons while others take on original story lines based loosely on dragon myths and stories. The music is a subdued Darkwave Metal sound that is instantly recognizable particularly if you were ever a fan of bands like King Diamond, Type O Negative or mid-to-late Metallica. This is, of course, a niche record, playing to a very limited market of fans. That being said, it’s a decent album. Tamara Venus Star is always pleasant to listen to, and the juxtaposition of her voice with that of lead screamer Ron Langford is entertaining. The primary problem with Dragon Mythos is the uniformity of sound. The songs don’t sound all the same, but there is little enough sonic variation to bog down less than dedicated listeners.

Heart Of A Dragon is the high point of the album, and the midnight undertones of Jawzhar are sure to please metal fans. The Promise is the one true break in style here, slowing things down a bit in a sonic rest before the stretch run. In the end, there’s not enough here to hold the attention of anyone aside from diehard Dragon Metal fans. But those folks will be very happy.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about KeyDragon at or You can purchase a copy of Dragon Mythos at
Posted by Wildy at 5:34 AM 
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Legends Of The Dragon Reviews

Accent Magazine

KEYDRAGON is a female fronted Gothic Metal band with dark, screaming vocals intertwined within a blanket of metal power and doom.  Core member Ron Langford, Jr., performs vocals, keys, synthesis, percussion, recording, and production.  Tamara Venus Star is an original styled vocalist also involved in traditional folk music.  On LEGENDS OF THE DRAGON, you can hear influences of Metallica, Type O Negative, Otep, and Iron Maiden, among others.



Reviews: Key Dragon ~ Legends of the Dragon
Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 19:41:15 EDT

Artist: KeyDragon

CD: Legends of the Dragon

Home: North San Juan, California

Style: Gothic/Power/Doom Metal

Quote: "If KeyDragon haven't sold their CDs at Ren Fairs yet, they need to start."


By Beeb Ashcroft

If you're a goth, like to play D&D, or are just a big Lacuna Coil fan, you may want to check out KeyDragon. A heavy metal-power-doom-death band, KeyDragon have coined the phrase "Dragon Metal" to describe their sound. Their flame-embossed press release states that KeyDragon's "heavy, gothic and power-driven metal burns with the fire of a Dragon!"

I quite like the concept. Legends Of The Dragon aims to weave a fantastic tale with each song, telling 13 different stories about dragons. If KeyDragon haven't sold their CDs at Ren Fairs yet, they need to start. This album aims for an epic sound, with raging guitar tracks over softer synth, deep male screams mingling with delicate female vocals.

The only problem is that these legendary tales are quite wordy, and it doesn't always sit well with the music. Sometimes the verses feel just a little too long, sacrificing melody to tell a detailed story. "The son of Loki was the Dragon Jormungand, Kidnapped by the gods, Odin cast him to Midgard" is quite a mouthful, and makes the rhythm of the vocals feel a bit robotic.

Tamara Venus Star, who provides airy vocals as a counterpoint to Ron Langford's doom growls, obviously has a nice voice, but it doesn't feel like it is being utilized to its maximum potential. Langford's voice is strong but sometimes goes a bit overboard. However, a better mix could fix all of these things, and I really like what KeyDragon are going for - they remind me a lot of Japanese gothic metal band, Moi Dix Mois.

Legends Of The Dragon aims for a lush, majestic sound, but at some points it doesn't quite make it. Some of the tracks just don't sit properly with each other, leaving the CD feeling disjointed at times. I do hope that KeyDragon keeps recording, because with a larger budget, they could vastly improve on these mixes and have a really dramatic album with the kind of powerhouse sound they want.

Indie-Music ProfileIndie-Music Profile


Artist Website:


KeyDragon - Dragon Prophecy & Legends Of The Dragon

KeyDragon is a band consumed with dragon lore and mythology. They have issued a series of albums based on Dragons and their lore. Today we review two of those releases: Dragon Prophecy & Legends Of The Dragon.

KeyDragon's sound is definitely in the heavy metal realm, with the "dragon vocals" provided by Ron Langford in a sound that is more growl than singing. Other vocals are provided by Tamara Venus Star who has outstanding pipes. The music is fairly straightforward metal, with some leaning towards gothic or dark metal sounds.

I'll preface this by saying that the ever-presence of Dragons as song subject is a little much for this reviewer. At times it's as if so much concentration has been placed on telling stories about dragons that the music itself has suffered, but there are definite highlights. Dragon Propechy is highlighted by Maud And The Dragon and Fafnir's Tale. Fafnir's Tale is perhaps the most commercial song on Dragon Prophecy. The true gem here though is Facing The Dragon, which opens with a keyboard riff that devolves into a wonderfully variegated, guitar-driven ballad.

Legends Of The Dragon is perhaps just a bit heavier in mood and attitude. The Dragon Prince opens with piano arpeggios that grow into delicious minor key guitar progressions. Die Lang Dragon also relies on the keyboard to guitar transition that seems to be an earmark for KeyDragon. The highlight of Legends Of The Dragon is Cooper And The Dragons.

Let's be frank here, this is a niche band. KeyDragon isn't necessarily going to appeal to a wide swath of the listening public. Some people will be put off by the subject matter, and there are times when the music comes across as forced because the message is king here, not necessarily the music. BUT. If you are a progressive metal fan with some dark leanings, you will appreciate most of what KeyDragon is doing musically. And if you are a Dungeons and Dragons fan or a fan of dragons in general, this is probably right up your alley.

KeyDragon shows brief flashes of brilliance, particularly in the guitar work. It would be something to hear this band writing and playing a wider range of material, where writing choices were not so constricted by the singular subject matter they've chosen, but there are definite high points here worth checking out.

Ratings: Dragon Prophecy - 3 Stars (Out of 5)
Legends Of The Dragon - 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about KeyDragon at You can purchase a copy og Legends Of The Dragon at You can purchase a copy of Dragon Prophecy at

Posted by Wildy at 7:03 AM

Legends of the Dragon ~ by: KeyDragon

Imagine this: a 13-track goth-metal album on which every song is about dragons. In Grass Valley, California, keyboardist Ron Langford (the "Key Dragon" himself) has kept this concept going for several albums, with Legends being the latest effort from his single-minded (monomaniacal?) repertoire. It’s not for everyone, that's for sure, but if you are fascinated by the fiery beasts, then this is the band for you. Currently consisting also of Bobby Blackmon on guitar and bass, and the waifish Tamara Venus Star on "angelic vocals," KeyDragon generally produces hard and heavy loop-like foundations, over which Tamara sings lyrics based on various world myths and legends regarding flame-breathing reptiles. Ron, who also plays drums, produces fierce, roaring "dragon vocals" to accompany Tamara's oddly-cadenced intonations, through songs that include "The Dragon Prince," "Nie Lang Dragon," "Cooper and the Dragons," and "Dragon Troubadour." The disk concludes with "The Rainbow Serpent," a driving metallic ditty which describes the mythical coiled being that encompasses the skies, and in fact, the very universe itself. Legends of the Dragon comes complete with liner notes that feature all manner of dragon depictions, from both students and professional artists -- reminding one that in human history, there is indeed much dragon lore, and that's the key theme that KeyDragon exclusively explores. Hear the dragon roar!

Reviews by Rob Swick

(13 track CD) Self Released

KEYDRAGON has been pumping out music for a few years now & get better & better with each new release. They combine many influences from Gothic, Power, Doom Metal with Darkwave & Death Metal. They add in lots of synth sounds & folk sounds to add more flavoring to their sound. The music sways back & forth through all of these styles of music. The vocals are a combination of Gothic female vocals with some low end male Death vocals & mid ranged Power Metal vocals. KEY DRAGON really likes to mix it up, so if your an open minded Metal head then you must check out this band! /




Dragon Prophecy Reviews


CD Review

Artist Name: KeyDragon
Title: Dragon Prophecy
Style: Gothic/Power/Doom Metal
Website: KeyDragon
Rating: 7.50 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

CD Cover Artwork

This is the fifth release from the band.

The band's music is a blend of gothic, power and doom metal styles.

The 14 track release last almost one full hour and plays like a musical play centering around the theme of mystical dragons.

The songs are very rich and include many different layers to achieve their sound.

The songs also contain a blend of both more lyrical female verses provided by new band member Tamara Venus Star along with more haunting brooding male ones.

The release ends with, Dragon Haze an instrumental track that without words conveys a mystical battle with its space laser like sounds.

I can really appreciate the time and effort that the band must have spent to achieve the music found on this release.


Beowolf Productions



(14 track CD) Self Released

These guys & girl have been in the scene for a little while now. They play a combination of Rock Metal & Fantasy all mixed together. Most of their music is based on Dragon Mythology &stuff related to Dragons. This is where the Fantasy type atmosphere comes into play. They have a Classic Rock sound with tinges of Metal all through out. At times there are some almost Death Metal like parts, especially in the vocals. There is a mixture of Male & Female vocals as well. I have heard their past releases & would have to say this is thier best release to date. If your into Fantasy Rock & Metal with a World vibe then you'll dig this band a lot.




Accent Magazine


KEYDRAGON is a Gothic/Power/Doom

metal band with unique songs reminiscent of

some of their varied influences such as

Metallica, Devo, Type O Negative, and Trail of

Tears. DRAGON PROPHECY features the

angelic voice of lead singer Tamara Venus

Star lighting the path on most of the 14 songs.





Uncontrollable Forces Reviews

A review of our current album - Uncontrollable Forces - by Burt from Beowolf Productions ( and Treats from the Underground:


This California based band is back with another new release. The mastermind behind this band is Ron Langford doing bass, keys, synthesis & vocals along with some other musicians & vocalists.  They center their sound on Metal, but they toss is Thrash, Doom, Classic Rock, Death, Progressive Metal & even some Jazz sounds too. This band mixes it up a lot. The thing that really makes them stand out is the Psycho Sax all through out their sound. It almost sounds out of place, but they make it work, some how. The vocals are done in a mid ranged almost Death growl with some female vocals in the back. This is a different sounding band with a lot of originality!!! Check it if you have an open mind!!!
13682 CRAWFORD LN. / GRASS VALLEY, CA. 95945 Connecting Musicians, Industry, & Fans
Reviews: Keydragon ~ Uncontrollable Forces
Posted on Saturday, March 04, 2006 @ 08:38:40 EST

Artist: Keydragon

CD: Uncontrollable Forces

Home: Nevada City, California

Style: Gothic Rock

Quote: "The group’s web site has a place where fans can vote to send Keydragon to Ozzfest, which is a festival where it will likely feel right at home."

Dan MacIntosh

Keydragon's songs are filled with a doom-y, Gothic vibe. But something/someone named Mississippi Bud also contributes “psycho sax” to this hyphenated musical mix, which turns Uncontrollable Forces into something curious, indeed.

Although metal and Goth bands primarily concern themselves with sex, drugs, and death, Keydragon chooses to write songs about dragons instead. But this ain’t Puff The Magic Dragon stuff, kiddies. Instead, tracks like “It’s That Great Dragon,” “The Jaded Dragon,” and “Flying With The Dragon” focus on the dark side of dragon lore.

Ron Langford -- on bass, keys, “synthesis,” and vocals -- is the main dragon dude here. But he’s helped out by a few wonderfully, twisted-ly named backing vocalists, such as Tamara Venus Star, Starlaiit Compost, and Laughter Medicine, as well. The group’s web site has a place where you can vote to send Keydragon to Ozzfest, which is a festival where it will likely feel right at home.


KeyDragon review (gothic/ power/ doom metal)
Category: Music

KeyDragon    "Dragon Prophecy"
I like KeyDragon. They do good work. The band plays a combination of beautiful gothic/glam metal, epic soaring power metal, and slowish moody doom metal. All of the songs are dragon themed. The cover art features a big red dragon. There are two singers. The female singer sounds folksy and very appropriate for this style of music. The male singer does both clean and deep growly vocals. A lot of bands that do this kind of music utilize keyboards, but none of them do it quite like KeyDragon. This band really works their synths in a unique and expressive way. Their sound is thick and swimming in the supernatural. It is as rich as a wyrm's hoard. Still, they retain a  hint of an underground sound. While a lot of acts similar to theirs sound overproduced and sterile, you know that you are dealing with real people and their instruments when you listen to this CD. This is a rock band, not a project! This would be a perfect soundtrack for your role-playing games, or for a movie on the Sci-Fi Channel. Its also perfect for daydreaming. The pace makes it easy on your neck, and the atmospheres created through fusion of the fancy finger work and the perfectly suited vocals.