KeyDragon's latest album "I Dance With Dragons" features a different set of musicians including guitarist Andrew Grant and vocalist Angel Odz, with Rolo and Don Fornis adding backing vocals.  Andrew has been with the band since the beginning, writing all guitar parts.  Lyrics to The Teeth Of The Dragon were written by George Langford.  Lyrics for I Dance with Dragons and Lord of the Dragon were written by KeyDragon with the remainder of the album's lyrics written by Angel Odz.  All music written by KeyDragon, and male vocals recorded at Pus Cavern. Joe Johnson from Pus Cavern produced, mixed and mastered the album, while all female vocals recorded in Havana, Cuba.


KeyDragon's "I Dance With Dragons" album:

Andrew Grant: lead guitars.

Angel Odz: Female vocals.

KeyDragon, Rolo and Don Fornis: backing vocals.

KeyDragon:  Keyboard, Synth, Drum Machine.

Joe Johnson from Pus Cavern: Produced, mixed and mastered the album

Ron Langford, The KeyDragon has been a tour de force in creating and performing music for over thirty years. He began his musical journey as a classical pianist, then took a detour into Foggy Mountain Music in downtown Grass Valley, CA where he formed several bands with friends. From there, he went on to form the synth pop band Ninth Wave in 1986, Body Pyle in 1990, and Aftershock in 1991. His love for death metal led him to Juggernaut and later Execution, before returning back to California and reforming Ninth Wave in 1994. In 1996, he joined Corrupted Filth, which eventually morphed into Decreation and Dry Rot, the latter of which released their only CD "Merulius Lacrymans". Since 1997 The KeyDragon has performed in Decreation, Dry Rot (1998), Billvis and the Bad Boys (2013), and Fornis. (2015-present) KeyDragon dropped his first studio length album, ”Destiny Chaos“ in 2014, with latest offering “I Dance with Dragons” released in late 2022. Other works include three classical contemporary piano releases under “KeyDragon Piano Pieces”.


Song 1: “I Dance With Dragons” - 


“‘I Dance with Dragons’ is an anthem for those who believe in the greatness of dragons. I wrote this epic song as an homage to DJ Conway's legendary book "Dancing with Dragons"-- a must-read for all Dragon magicians! This was also the first song I wrote the lyrics for on the album, demonstrating to Angel Odz how one can weave stories and emotions into music to create something truly magical. If you are looking for dark, powerful, and gothic rock to transport you to distant places, then this is the song you seek.”



Song 2: “Killing Bad Vibes”


“‘Killing Bad Vibes’ is an inspiring ode to self-determination. This intense yet uplifting song features the creative contributions of the magnetic Angel Odz, demonstrating the perfect marriage between her story-telling and my dark, magical, and heavy sound. With an unforgettable chorus and the empowering chorus of "killing bad vibes," this song will take you on an exhilarating journey and take you to places you never dreamed of!” #DragonMagic


Song 3: “Lights”


Lights is an inspiring and emotive song with a build-up that ends in an epic chorus featuring the brilliant Angel Odz, Don Fornis, Rolo, and Key. This piece also combines my dark, magical and heavy sound with the upbeat melodies of my other project, Fornis.